Professionalism: In the mirror

Shot of Jye Smith in the mirror

Another note to self (gen y).

I think the most professional people, do lots of little tiny professional things to create that aura around them.  I like that.

It’s something you could still down into a list of actions and to-do (and not to-dos) – but it is those people who assess each situation practically and reasonably, that we consider professional (including moments when no one is looking).  Communications, leadership, commentary, appearance, actions and inactions. It is through one’s considered character that one can build trust and relationships with those around them.

It is one’s self awareness, and awareness of the situation and people around them, that make them so valuable, and so respected.

6 Responses to Professionalism: In the mirror

  1. Great insight, Jye.

    Been working on this myself for the past month. Small “professional” steps which lead to a wholesome professional image for myself :)

    Thanks for the reminder!

  2. Thanks, mate. And you’re already heading there!

  3. Great post Jye.

    Business IS personal as it involves people, their time, emotions and responses. Therefore, personal integrity in business is important.

    I believe those who are consistently thoughtful, diligent, honest and personable earn themselves reputations that speak for themselves. Those that are not can only mix in the same circles/organisations for so long before their poor reputation goes before them. This can even be for those who consistently delay payment or ask for discounts after work has been completed.

    In fact, a positive reputation for professionalism can often be remembered above the work that is delivered.

  4. Great insight, Phoebe.

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