Key leadership indicators

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When we find out if we’re managers or leaders

I think we all want to be leaders or be lead, few us want to be managed.

Most of us by now will recognise that there are some very key differences between managers and leaders – and being one doesn’t necessarily nullify the other, nor does it guarantee you’re able to do both.

I think the moment we find out is much clearer to those we manage or lead: stress. It’s all about when the shit hits the fan: when we’re having an “emergency” when clients threaten to pull, when our ego is at stake: are we still checking the leadership “check-boxes” or are doing “what needs to be done” and holding everyone accountable yet no one responsible.

I think it’s at times like these when our true leaders shine, and our faux-leaders fall. When suddenly all that talk becomes nothing more than something we say, rather than something we believe.

Key Leadership Indicators

  1. Your staff work (or follow) out of passion and commitment, rather than fear and reluctance
  2. You are still “leading” your staff when you’re under pressure
  3. You still put your people first, even when clients are willing to destroy you

I’ve used a lot of you statements. Maybe that’s my mistake. It should be collective – we’re all in this together. None greater than any other.

We are however, greater than the sum of our parts.

Some of my favourite leaders: Andy Jamieson, Scot Ennis, John Butterworth

Jye Smith is currently Senior Vice President, Head of Strategy & Operations, Asia Pacific at Weber Shandwick. Ranked in B&Ts 30 Under 30, Jye a regular keynote speaker and workshop facilitator who specialises in digital and social media strategist.