AGSM Rountable: Creativity and Innovation – What does it mean to you?

“The word innovation, still in these very hard and disturbing times appears almost daily in the media. There are 360million references to innovation on Google and on my Google Daily RSS feed I receive notice of new books and articles released daily globally on the topic. And now I get emails daily suggesting that innovation will be the saviour of the current economic times. To-day, the word innovation in appears almost daily in the media.  Every job advertisement talks about the applicant having the need to be creative and innovative.

It appears this thing called innovation is a common everyday occurrence. The reality is one might be able to talk about it as if it is. In practice, the reality is very different.

Innovation is an outcome. Nothing more.

Creativity and invention with their fellow travellers risk, experimentation and the until more recently undiscussable “f” word “failure” are the drivers of innovation.”

- Ralph Kerle, Chairman

Inspiring, refreshing and true.

Attending the AGSM Roundtable on Leadership, Creativity and Innovation left me wide eyed — a room full of truly incredibly experienced and talented people.  I was there to offer the perspectives of working gen-y specifically to give thoughts around the way digital media has transformed the way we interact.

In attendance were 30 of the very top leaders from the arts, business, journalism industries (BRW, Sydney Symphony, Qantas, Delloites, Telstra to name a few) — all with insights from careers spanning longer than I’ve lived.

What does creativity and innovation mean to you?

Jye Smith is currently Senior Vice President, Head of Strategy & Operations, Asia Pacific at Weber Shandwick. Ranked in B&Ts 30 Under 30, Jye a regular keynote speaker and workshop facilitator who specialises in digital and social media strategist.

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