iPhone App: Sleep Cycle

Bio-alarm clock for iPhone

I’m not one to really rave on about iPhone apps – but this really got my attention.  Sleep Cycle is a ‘bio-alarm clock’ now available on the iPhone.

Using the sensitive motion sensor in the iPhone it measures how deep your sleep is (e.g. deep sleep versus REM-sleep or dream-sleep).  What’s more is within the half-hour window before your set alarm time, it will  so that you’re in the lightest sleep – and hence feel more rested than waking from a deep sleep.

I trialled the app for the first time last night, and it woke me with one of it’s in built gentle alarm tones at 5:02am, instead of 5:20am, and I’ve got to say the difference was quite noticeable.  Definitely worth trying.

“This isn’t really something new. These so called bio-alarm clocks have been around for years and work very well, but they usually come with a hefty $200 price tag. I realized that the iPhone has all the components needed, and decided to make an alarm clock that works exactly the same, but sell it for a dollar or two instead.” Maciek Drejak, the programmer behind Sleep Cycle, says.

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  1. MIke Hickinbotham

    I use Sleep Cycle as well – it’s awesome.

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