Gmail Video Chat: Google takes on Skype

Credit: Mashable

The ever growing arsenal of Google’s online weaponry has once again advanced — this time with browser based video chat.

Only a few hours ago Mashable broke the news that Google had announced the release GMail’s video and voice chat.  This is sure to once again attract new users to the service and secure existing ones.

Unlike the bells-and-whistles Skype, it’s a very clean design and features include fullscreen and PIP.  This comes at interesting time for myself as I’ve been trying to expand my Skype (jyesmith) list more and more each day — and now I find my self questioning whether to bother.

2 Responses to Gmail Video Chat: Google takes on Skype

  1. Excellent, more and more full-service Gmail

  2. vzochat is more better. google sucks

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