10 ways to save your iPhone battery

How to save battery on the iPhone

Turn off 3G to save your iPhone battery

You know the situation: it’s not even midnight and you’re waiting from a call from the girl you just met in the last bar, and your iPhone battery reads 20% and flicks red.  Over the past couple of years I’ve worked out a list of 10 key adjustments to ensure you can get the most out of your iPhone battery.

The most under-utilised is turning off your 3G – saves heaps of battery. And will help you at your next festival, next meeting or next road trip.  Also – not listed is: buy a watch! And stop using your iPhone as a watch and turning it on and off all the time!

How do you save iPhone battery quickly and effectively?

Enter setting, then:

  1. Turn off your 3G (General>Network>Enable 3G>Off)
  2. Turn your wi-fi off
  3. Turn all notifications off
  4. Sounds/Turn off vibration
  5. Turn down your brightness
  6. Turn off auto-brightness
  7. Turn off Cellular Data andData Roaming
  8. Turn off location services
  9. Turn your passcode off
  10. Turn of all email accounts

Other easy wins are:

  1. Making sure your Bluetooth isn’t on
  2. Make sure you have “repeat alert” off for Messages
  3. And of course, closing any programs running in the background

Jye Smith is currently Senior Vice President, Head of Strategy & Operations, Asia Pacific at Weber Shandwick. Ranked in B&Ts 30 Under 30, Jye a regular keynote speaker and workshop facilitator who specialises in digital and social media strategist.

There are 4 comments for this article
  1. Oscar at 1:00 pm

    Great, practical advice and you’re saving the single women of the world from wondering why their paramours won’t call.

    How would you recommend preserving the battery over the life of the iPhone, so that charge duration is maximized. My last iPhone was a Kenyan marathon runner when I got it, but by the time I traded it in 20m months later it was more like an 80 year old with emphysema.

  2. Jye Author at 1:43 pm

    I think the old principles still apply: don’t re-charge it too over (so if it’s at 70% to stick it on, wait till like 30 or if you can let it die, then let it die). And remember when you get it to ‘cycle’ the battery.

    I think the statement from Apple is that it comes like this, though, i still like to be safe.

  3. Yobo at 3:00 pm

    More tips.
    Turn your phone off
    Drop it off a cliff
    Give it to your mother

    What a dumb article.
    It’s a phone. Use it and enjoy it.

  4. Jye Author at 4:05 pm

    I’m so glad you took the time to express yourself so articulately.