The Perfect Gift for a Man

The Perfect Gift for a MAn

30 Stories about Reinventing Manhood

Following on from the inspiration work around ManWeekGavin Heaton and Marky P got together with 30 of us men (and women) to publish The Perfect Gift for a Man – 30 Stories about Reinventing Manhood which aims to get men talking about their feelings in a bid to help prevent male suicide in Australia.  It also includes another of my stories, along the 29 others.

The facts are in: and young men are three times more likely to commit suicide than women.  The other fact is, you can try to help. Please use this book as a guiding light for those who might need it, or as Gavin said today, even those who mightn’t.

I am so proud to be apart of this, and can’t thank everyone enough for the support with the original post (Return to Colombia – A story about being adopted) and for the chance Gavin and Mark gave me to tell another story.

The book is available as both a soft cover book ($44.95) and an eBook ($14.95).You can buy the soft cover through Blurb - or the eBook from The Perfect Gift for a Man website -

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