23 revolutions of the sun

Valentina: Her first revolution of the sun

Year Zero

Today marks the beginning of my 24th revolution around our great star. Born when the binary stars of Cancer in M44, the Beehive Cluster,  were in the sky, in a the capital city of Colombia.  The revolution past was one of the most tumultuous; the most powerful and yet the most rewarding. I’ve never grown more.

First up: massive shout out to this particular context – the digital one – massive thank you to every who supported my recent move to Weber Shandwick, to Hannah, Andy, Scoto and the rest at Switched On Media for a foundation second to absoloutely none (and for putting up with me).  The mentors in my life: Scooter, Gavin, Ian, Mark, Scott and Katie.

Going Home

As promised at FastBreak’s Are You Alone? forum today I’m also launching my Adopted From Colombia project – where I’m encouraging all children adopted from Colombia to share their stories, as well as the parents of adopted children, or the parents who have adopted-out children.

This is just the beginning, and a story, resource and piece I hope to build with many from around the world.  If you, or someone you know, would like to be involved: I invite you to share your story.

23 Revolutions Of The Sun

Twenty-three revolutions of our star
And I’m less afraid, a little less far
From the distant cloud of stellar nursery
Its brilliant colour still blinding me

Everything is always beginning
A new symphony is always  singing
As everything we know is ever ending
We are ever changing and ever bending
It is forever year zero

Jye Smith is currently Senior Vice President, Head of Strategy & Operations, Asia Pacific at Weber Shandwick. Ranked in B&Ts 30 Under 30, Jye a regular keynote speaker and workshop facilitator who specialises in digital and social media strategist.

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  1. Gavin Heaton at 3:31 pm

    Happy birthday, Jye. Hope the year ahead is a good one for you – can’t wait to see how the Adopted from Columbia project pans out!

  2. Nicola at 8:40 pm

    Beautiful Mr Jye Smith, simply beautiful. Happy birthday you strangely wise young one :) xx

  3. Karalee at 8:49 pm

    A very very Happy Birthday to you, Jye. As Nicola says, beautiful insight into you and such an old head and heart in a young body. x

  4. Mark Pollard at 10:34 pm

    Happy birthday, dude! Sorry, I only just saw this. Would have popped down and tickled you. Hope it’s been fun!