Creating Facebook Groups: Lesson 1

I broke my own rule recently. I wanted to get the opinions of people on the Google Street View in Australia – a topic I’m quite vocal about.  So rather than creating a group “Australians against Google Street View” or “Australians for Google Street View” I created a group asking the question – Are you OK with this?

If I myself were deciding on the issue, I’m sure I would have created either one. As a result, my own undecideness came through and I think people hesitate about joining the group because there’s not a view either way.

So, if you’re going to create a Facebook group, even if you’re undecided yourself, make both points of view – whether it’s a personal belief or part of a larger social media strategy.

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  1. You had a good point on this topic, a lot of the groups work like the old fashioned school debates if you can remember that far back. It is about having a view if it is undecided or unbiased you have to bring pros and cons to create controversy to attract attention. However the topic needs to be strong or people just won’t visit.

    Digg as you know is the biggest example of this… people express different opinions and show different opinions to different topics. Then the rest comes down to the content and the information it provides others.

  2. Great points, Ian. I think that’s it – my topic was weak because it didn’t say Yes or No. Wonder how this will pan out.

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