Community Managers Masterclass: SEO

Mumbrella Masterclass

Last week I presented with a bunch of clever people around advanced community management.  What quickly came apparent is just how varied that term means. Please note: the above presentation is about how to think and utilise SEO strategically as a part of a holistic digital campaign. Here’s the material I referenced too from Bruce Clay.

In short: I wanted to talk about the importance of understanding how community, communications and content plays into story-telling and brand reputation.  The theories of best practice content, the role of PR as well as looking into the 90-9-1 rule.  I really didn’t want to present the basics here, and I hope I’ve done just that.  A lot of this was also talked through too.

Remember: PR is the Sam Whitwicky of online strategy. Think about it. And yes, I needed to remove the Transformers images for copyright reasons – but it made a lot more sense then too. Especially the shot of Megan Fox.

A lot of the thinking was conceived around my recent post on content – the cornerstone of digital content.  Happy to also come and present this to your team (and most probably, your agency) – contact me.


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