Australian Facebook statistics – October 2010

Australian social media statistics October 2010

12 Australia social media statistics

The guys at Hitwise have released 12 things you need to know about Facebook (Australia) – which is a round up of 12 interesting and useful Australian social media statistics.

Fire up your PowerPoint and Keynotes and get your slide-jockey on. Here are my favourites.

Keep hustling.

1. Facebook is the second most popular website visited by Australians after, accounting for 7.83% of all visits in the month of September 2010 but is the most popular website for Australian’s aged 18-24, with 8.97% of visits for the four weeks ending 2 October2010 just ahead of’s 8.96%.

2. Facebook’s share of page views represents almost 1 in 5 pages viewed by Australians during September 2010. Facebook’s 19.3% of all page views swamps’s 7.4% share of page views.

5. Facebook is the number one search term in each of the major search engines used by Australians –,, and Yahoo! With variations of Facebook, including ‘face book’,’ facebook login’ and ‘fb’, search terms for Facebook accounted for 4.4% of all successful searches in the 4 weeks ending 2 October 2010.

8. Over one in nine visits to all other websites directly after a visit to Facebook. Facebook accounts for 11.3% of all upstream traffic to other websites visited by Australian Internet users. This makes it the second largest source of traffic behind (31.7%) and well ahead of ninemsn that generates 3.8%.

9. Facebook’s share of Australian’s visits to all websites has increased 6-fold over the past three years and continues to capture more and more of Australian’s online focus , having increased its share of visits by 29.2% in the past year.

10. South Australian’s are the highest users of Facebook, when compared to the Australian online population, reflecting a 10% higher propensity to visit Facebook. NSW generates 32.1% of all Australian based visits to Facebook, on par with the online population profile.

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  1. Ric at 3:18 pm

    I love #5 – good to see that somebody still thinks that’s the best way to get to FB

    #10 was interesting … what is it about SA that makes that happen, I wonder?

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