5 must-read posts by @ServantOfChaos from last week

Gavin Heaton, the Yoda of my world, has a regular slot on his own blog: 5 Must-Read Posts from Last Week. Well, this week I’m tagging some his recent posts, the favourite of mine: The┬áSurprising┬áTruth About What Motivates Us.

  1. Don’t Target Your Fans, Target their Friends: something I’ve long believed in. Making the individual the champion in the minds of the people they actually care about, rather than a strange collective.
  2. #londonriots and the Shadow of Shame: another perspective on the times we live in
  3. A Guide to Typography: one of my nerdy loves in life – the type face. Now everyone can join in.
  4. The Surprising Truth About What Motivates Us: in a world of social media comps, gen y managers, and job titles – this really got me thinking about these things differently
  5. Re-inventing Social Media – A Talk by David Armano

2 Responses to 5 must-read posts by @ServantOfChaos from last week

  1. Thanks … glad you liked them!

  2. I really connected with the London riots post. It felt ever so strange being in Aus during that time.

    Good round up Jye – i didn’t expect the topics to b.e this diverse, which is good

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