$20 for the future

I’m about to do one of those things I hope I don’t regret. On April 30th I’m going to walk 100km for about 20 hours straight through the Blue Mountains as a part of the Wild Endurance challenge.

It’s for a good cause: helping to raise money for the Wilderness Society. They’re a community-based environmental protection organisation who safeguard our sources of clean water and air, tackle devastating climate change, and to create a better future for the Earth.

I’m asking my friends, network and colleagues all to give their future $20 and support me through my own donation of sweat & blood to the Earth.

Sponsor me for $20 today.

4 Responses to $20 for the future

  1. Jye. my wife did that last year (can’t do it this year as she is pregnant). It looks tough … have fun

  2. Thanks mate :)

  3. good luck jye – hats off to you for raising $1k and all the best for saturday. i did part of the 100k adelaide trailblazer so i’m full of admiration for you guys

  4. Thanks, Sarah :)

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