Thank God you’re a man


I like clever things, especially when their advertisements that several of my friends have passed to several of theirs.  I’ve always been impressed by male (I can’t speak for female) bathroom advertising placement.

Clever People

Advertising Agency: McCann Erickson, Tel Aviv, Israel
Creative Director: Ido Ben Dor
Copywriters: Asaf Zelikovich, Elad Gabison
Art Director: Geva Gershon


4 Responses to Thank God you’re a man

  1. I was amused by the ad. Hence I went viral with it. And I got two reactions from the girls.

    One was that the closing of the gap in gender equality is compromised by ads such as this. And it was pointed out to me in a sarcastic manner that this showcased how it was OK to be sexist in advertising if it is an ad for men and beer.

    The second was how awesome was the ad.

    Four girls said how great. One girl said how sad were men.

    Who was right?
    Do they both have a point?
    Where do you call the line in advertising?
    Am I worrying too much about who I send stuff to?
    Has the ad worked by getting these reactions?

    Marketing huh. Who would do it? ;-)

  2. hahaha nice post, I really enjoy it.

  3. Got my first one of these via email today. Now, looking forward to the reworked versions. Could get ugly. Very ugly.

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