I am the push that makes you move

I am the push that makes you move (Slipknot - Surfacing)

I am the push that makes you move. Slipknot – Surfacing.

This little phrase has been with me for 10 years this year, and I constantly come back to it, time and time again.  I use it for not only personal motivation but perhaps more importantly, putting into perspective just what makes other people move. What makes them feel – what makes them break the apathy.

Mark & Gavin recently posted a couple of great articles this week that I really believe will help a lot of people unlock more about themselves.

Think less, do more: 5 days to a focused you

Happy To Be Incomplete, 42 power moves to think differently

Day to day, it might come back to social media, marketing and advertising — how do we grab audience attention in those first 50 milliseconds?  What’s the final point that puts the customers card on the table? What’s that remarkable and piece of compelling content that is suddenly spread virally?

In the long term, it’s about much bigger moves.

2 Responses to I am the push that makes you move

  1. Oh, conversion is a whole different challenge ;)

  2. Push harder? :P

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