Number 99 – Top 150 Social Media Marketing Blogs

Top social media blogs spin like tops

Top social media blogs around the world

It’s always nice to be recognised for what you do – it often leads to motivation and doing more. Was very chuffed today to be nominated at number 99 in the top 150 social media marketing blogs.

Social media – however you define it – has definitely changed the way we think about things. And change is good.

Thanks to all for reading about my digital hustling.

And amazing to be named amongst some of my digital BFFs:

  • Gavin (Servant of Chaos) at number 25
  • Craig (Media Hunter) at 98

Awesome photo by Wunderlusting

2 Responses to Number 99 – Top 150 Social Media Marketing Blogs

  1. Hi Jye,

    Congrats on your nomination. Glad for you to use a picture of mine, but I would appreciate a reference included under the image.



  2. Thanks :)

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