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5 Things Heavy Metal Taught Me About The Future of Conferences

Speaking: FastBREAK Breakfast – Youth & Innovation


Every Friday the infamous Coffee Mornings crew meets up at Single Origin Cafe in Surry Hills. We come together to talk ideas and innovation – and we’ve been lucky enough to take part in Vibewire’s e-Festival of Ideas (held in conjunction with the Australian Innovation Festival) known as  FastBREAK – a breakfast where I and 4 others will discuss “the single biggest challenge of innovation”.

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Speaking: The Future of Conferences – NSW KM Forum

Sonixtrip - Ep Launch

Sonixtrip - Ep Launch

Over the past 10 years I’ve been playing in a number of bands.  Everything from hard rock, numetal, progressive and ambient.  Generally playing guitar, vocals, bass, and in later projects – synths, pianos and strings. It’s taught me so much about myself and the way people perceive music and performance.  In my ‘real’ life I was previously the National Events Manager for AIMIA.  Running, producing and staging over 40 events in the digital media industry.

It’s time I smashed the two together.

Next week I’m presenting 5 Things That Heavy Metal Taught Me About Conferences at the NSW KM Forum: The Future of Conferences.  I’m still formulating a lot of it, but hopefully will connect with you all about what I’ve learnt, and where I think things might be headed.

Feel free to listen, download, or even buy, my latest EP from Sonixtrip, or check out the new ‘publish-as-I-go’ progressive ambient project Movement & Measure.  Hope to see you next week.

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Speaking: Search Marketing Expo – SMX Sydney 2009


Next week I’ll be moderating the social media session at Search Marketing Expo (#SMX).  SMX will be held on April 4th through 5th, at Luna Park’s Crystal Palaca.  The social media session will be on day two at 1:30pm.  Joining me will be SEO pioneer Rand Fishkin – CEO & Co-Founder, SEOmoz and hero blogger Darren Rowse, ProBlogger.

Make sure you also catch our director, Andy Jamieson – who will be presenting SEO for the SME earlier that day.  Let me know if you’ll be down there – and we can go from Twitter to IRL after learning the etiquette.

Use the discount code “SOMSMX” ($995 + GST) when you register.

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AGSM Rountable: Creativity and Innovation – What does it mean to you?

“The word innovation, still in these very hard and disturbing times appears almost daily in the media. There are 360million references to innovation on Google and on my Google Daily RSS feed I receive notice of new books and articles released daily globally on the topic. And now I get emails daily suggesting that innovation will be the saviour of the current economic times. To-day, the word innovation in appears almost daily in the media.  Every job advertisement talks about the applicant having the need to be creative and innovative.

It appears this thing called innovation is a common everyday occurrence. The reality is one might be able to talk about it as if it is. In practice, the reality is very different.

Innovation is an outcome. Nothing more.

Creativity and invention with their fellow travellers risk, experimentation and the until more recently undiscussable “f” word “failure” are the drivers of innovation.”

- Ralph Kerle, Chairman

Inspiring, refreshing and true.

Attending the AGSM Roundtable on Leadership, Creativity and Innovation left me wide eyed — a room full of truly incredibly experienced and talented people.  I was there to offer the perspectives of working gen-y specifically to give thoughts around the way digital media has transformed the way we interact.

In attendance were 30 of the very top leaders from the arts, business, journalism industries (BRW, Sydney Symphony, Qantas, Delloites, Telstra to name a few) — all with insights from careers spanning longer than I’ve lived.

What does creativity and innovation mean to you?

Inspiration: a journey through design

Many designers as we (in this industry, anyway) know them were born and bred out of computers and digital instrumentation. TED has delivered another dose of pure inspiration as we hear John Maeda in My journey in design, from tofu to RISD.  Now at the Rhode Island School of Design, Maeda became president in 2008 Maeda, and tells us his story as a tireless experimenter and creative innovator. It’s hard not to admire how Maeda looks at life and the world around him.

This is a story about humanity and where design met computers.

Privacy Caught Pants Down


Six Pixels of Separation recently wrote The Naked Truth – and with it some very interesting stats about the readiness of us youngsters to get our gear off.  I’m a digital native, in the younger gen-y bracket, but I say: technology is no excuse for irresponsibility. Nor do I think this is (as the article went to put it) a (what we consider) privacy issue.  Still, interesting read never the less.

I’ll never stop anyone taking a nude photo of themselves or their partner — but don’t expect them to keep it to themselves — whether knowingly or unknowingly (human error has left many ‘private’ photos in full view of work colleagues).  Sure, your partner or lover might keep a promise but some (many?) technologies are as quick to keep those promises.

Nor are your friends next time they borrow your phone and find themselves in your gallery.

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2008: Ends. Time to lose control (and innovate).


Inspiration: nice to meet you in 2008

2008 brought me together with some of the very best minds in the business and it would be impossible to name them all.  So many great conversations, so many great ideas. So little time.  2008 was definitely a year I met some truly inspirational people in the digital media space.  They’ve challanged my thinking, inspired me to push the envelope and think differently.

Thoughts: Privacy and what we consider privacy has changed

In recent years I have met and been enthralled by a numbered few. Nick Tyler is one of those people. Since 2006 he has challenged the way I think, work and live.

Often (but never often enough) we get a chance to discuss anything and everything and sometimes in that order.  Nick, too much to possibly account to what I owe you: but thank you.

Mentor, friend, brother. Mind, body and soul.

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