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4 case studies in utility, value and entertainment

Compass points

Social media success

It was only recently at the AIMIA Connect conference I heard Peter Bray discussing the importance of utility; sometime ago I was looking at the importance of value within social media; and most recently have been working with Red Bull and gen-z in the entertainment arena.

It wasn’t until I spotted @mariesornin‘s Twitter bio that made me think about them all together: “Passionate about digital, believe in Utility/Entertainment/Value” – needless to say I jumped at the opportunity to explore exactly what she meant.

Huge thank you for these four comprehensive social media success case studies.

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An idea for the future: Online and offline Integration

Real Life Like Buttons

I’m a massive believer in the integration of offline and online to create a truly great brand experience. It’s something in the digital world that can be easy to forget. Coming from an events and music background though, it’s been something that is top of mind for me.

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Bed Intruder Song

Digital bro Phill just sent me this.  The guys from AutoTune the news have something that made me wee my pants.  There’s two versions – the full version is definitely worth it.

Update: the top 5 covers of this song are amazing. AMAZING.

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Social Media: $1.7 Billion to be spent

Social Media Statistics – 6.7% of all US online ad spending

Advertisers to Spend $1.7 Billion on Social Networks in 2010 - Facebook will receive half of all social network ad spending in the US while MySpace continues to diminish in importance. Twitter, which finally launched its ad business earlier this year, is incorporated into eMarketer’s forecast for the first time.

While I’m not usually one to post the newsy stuff about social networking – I felt this was a significant number for the US.  Working now with larger corporate clients, it’s a question that I’m usually asked.  eMarketer released these numbers and it’s reassuring to see that we’re on track with strong growth.

More Social Media Statistics – Australia

  • Social Media in Australia up 36.1% - Once again Hitwise deliver the goods about where the industry is heading: social networking and forums usage in Australia increased by 36.1% in the past year, overtaking search engines as the most visited online destinations.
  • Australia’s using Facebook - Facebook said its Australian users in October had uploaded 80 million pictures and written 32 million “wall posts” and 45 million “status updates”

Visualisation of FourSquare History

Visualisation and technology

Visualisation is a powerful way to communicate data and meta-data.  I think it’s perhaps one of the most effective ways to demonstrate personal relevance of certain forms of social media because it highlights context and the relationships between points of data.

I’ve been smashing FourSquare since about December last year, and while I enjoy it – I’m still not 100% with where it’ll be headed.  I think it’s features will be mimicked by a Twitter or Facebook integration in updates soon.

Yet – this tool by really injected some interestingness back into the program for me. It’s a visualisation of your FourSquare history.  Check it out.

Jye Smith’s Foursquare by

Twitter: Thank you for listening

Twitter Update and Notifications

Twitter updates email notifcations after tweets

Twitter recently updated their email notifications to include what I consider vital information: bio, followers, pictures and how many tweets.

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WTF Community Managers

Community Management

An introduction to Community Management

I just walked home from the first meet-up of Community Managers of Sydney.  I’m co-organising and supporting Swankie and Mandi who have kindly started the initiative.

So WTF is a community manager? What are they managing and for who? Well that’s what we were discussing. It seems that the role of a community manager is as dynamic and as varied as the communities they manage.

They need to be able to grow, evolve and adapt just as their communities do.

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10 Things They Never Told You About Social Media

Kool Aid Logo - Social Media

Don’t drink the Social Media Kool-Aid

So you want to ‘get into social media’, huh?

Firstly, I’ve written posts that make me think I should have opened the fucking kool-aid stand. Oh well. Sue me: I’m doing a 180. But then again, if I didn’t make as many mistakes as I had, I wouldn’t have learned a damn thing. If my coaches and mentors hadn’t said ‘wait, wait, wait, stop – wtf are you talking about?’ I wouldn’t have realised as much as I have.

This week I’ve started building and training the new digital and social media team: and what’s apparent from both agencies and clients alike, is that there’s all these rules and all this musts and it’s all.. bullshit.

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SMCSYD: Bigger Brand Opportunities

SMCYD: Using LinkedIn To Build Brands

I just finished moderating tonight’s discussion for Social Media Club Sydney (SMCSYD) at the Oxford Arts Factory.  The conversation I had was with Cliff Rosenburg, MD of LinkedIn AU/NZ, and Michael Field – a sole practitioner in the marketing strategy space, as a case study.  I’m sure there’ll be some further content generated from the event (speakers presentations etc.) but there were some really interesting insights for me.  I’m doing a bit of a brain dump, but I’ll break it up into key areas. Oh, and have we connected on LinkedIn?

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Age of Conversation 3: Now Available

Age of Conversation 3 Cover

Where to start learning social media

As forementioned: the Age of Conversation 3: It’s Time To Get Busy! is out now – in hardcover, softcover and for kindle.

I’m asked a similar question at least once a week about: where do I start learning social media or what are the best blogs to read about social media – well, here’s a great place. Continue reading