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The truth about infographics

Inception infographic

My rant for this week: Infrographics – I’m defining this one.

Definition of an infographic

An infographic is a visual representation of quantitative set of numbers.  Infographics should represent the scale and representation of these numbers in a visual way.  Numbers may be absoloute, percentage based, or on a time continuum.

Word clouds – are infographics too, because the size of the word (visual) is representative of the number (data) of times it appears.

That’s all. Not hard. ¬†Or maybe it is? These guys agree.

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Tautology: 2-way dialogue


The phrase “2-way dialogue” is a tautology, is it not? ¬†Notice the prefix of the word “di-” as oppose to say “monologue”. And as a¬†colleague¬†pointed out: “just like when people say ‘reverse backwards’”.

  • dialogue:¬†a conversation between two persons

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Creative Facebook profile

Facebook gives us a little more to play with

Matt Chisholm has found a few tricks to create a far more creative way to display your profile pic. Continue reading

Content, community and communications – social media skill sets

Social media skill sets

These days I’m working for a PR agency – and what has become clearer each and every day is that PR agencies have a great foot hold on social media due to their level of communication skills. The ability to forge relationships, develop interesting content, offer value and be fabulous story tellers. ¬†Distilled, when I’m planning and executing social media there are three key areas I focus on:

  • Content – what are we crafting?
  • Community – the role of the community manager, the community life cycle
  • Communications – who’s our audience? who’s our spokesperson?

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Goodbye FourSquare

Four Square

Checking out

It’s with great regret I must inform you that I’m done with FourSquare for the time being. Sure, we had fun: but the badges are won and I’ve owned some decent mayorships. ¬† What are your thoughts?

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Australian Facebook statistics – October 2010

Australian social media statistics October 2010

12 Australia social media statistics

The guys at Hitwise have released 12 things you need to know about Facebook (Australia) – which is a round up of 12 interesting and useful Australian social media statistics.

Fire up your PowerPoint and Keynotes and get your slide-jockey on. Here are my favourites.

Keep hustling.

1. Facebook is the second most popular website visited by Australians after, accounting for 7.83% of all visits in the month of September 2010 but is the most popular website for Australian’s aged 18-24, with 8.97% of visits for the four weeks ending 2 October2010 just ahead of’s 8.96%.

2. Facebook’s share of page views represents almost 1 in 5 pages viewed by Australians during September 2010. Facebook’s 19.3% of all page views swamps’s 7.4% share of page views.

5. Facebook is the number one search term in each of the major search engines used by Australians ‚Äď,, and Yahoo! With variations of Facebook, including ‚Äėface book‚Äô,‚Äô facebook login‚Äô and ‚Äėfb‚Äô, search terms for Facebook accounted for 4.4% of all successful searches in the 4 weeks ending 2 October 2010.

8. Over one in nine visits to all other websites directly after a visit to Facebook. Facebook accounts for 11.3% of all upstream traffic to other websites visited by Australian Internet users. This makes it the second largest source of traffic behind (31.7%) and well ahead of ninemsn that generates 3.8%.

9. Facebook’s share of Australian’s visits to all websites has increased 6-fold over the past three years and continues to capture more and more of Australian’s online focus , having increased its share of visits by 29.2% in the past year.

10. South Australian’s are the highest users of Facebook, when compared to the Australian online population, reflecting a 10% higher propensity to visit Facebook. NSW generates 32.1% of all Australian based visits to Facebook, on par with the online population profile.

So you want a community manager, huh?

What does a community manager do?

Gavin picked up an old post of mine with some great questions.

Gavin: ¬†Jye and all, ¬†I picked this post up through my today and was intrigued to discover what these ‚ÄėCommunity Managers‚Äô actually do and what the communities they manage are. ¬†I‚Äôm afraid I‚Äôm still at a loss. ¬†Perhaps someone can enlighten me a bit more?

Jye: People who look after your social media profiles and interact with the community as and when needed. They act as the mouth piece, the peace keeper and the facilitator between an organisation and their customers and stake holders.

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Who are the social media experts?

loch ness monster

In what is no more than a coincidence of timing – Friday’s coffee mornings had Fridley and I discussing the upcoming Digital Citizen’s event So You Think You’re A Social Media Expert? - and my rant on how suddenly it’s popular to slam on people who work in the industry – even by other people who work in the industry too – to make yourself look better.

Katie Chatfield has articulated what true expertise meant, but she’s one of few who can – big thanks KFC.

We’re trying to talk about an emergent discipline. We’re all still making up the language as we go…we’re all still a bit muddled and unordered in our thinking because what (I think) we’re doing is in the Complex and Chaotic realms.

Anyways, here it is. I edited it down a little, as it seemed I was a little fired up when I wrote. See you tonight (or follow #digicitz).

When did it become cool to not-know

We need to start playing a little nicer.

I love how it’s become really cool to ‘not’ be an expert in social media. How by one calling out someone else as ‘oh he’s a social media “expert”‘ one can raise one’s authority. What a load of FHS when you all use these pseudo-social-media-expert titles and feel free to critique and criticse the work of others when all you’ve done is set-up a couple of accounts for a brand or two.

But has anyone outright called themselves an¬†expert¬†in our little industry? I’ve yet to hear anyone say it.

All you’ve done is torn down the industry to make yourself look better and instilling fear into others. ¬†Isn’t that was less¬†intellectual¬†school-yard cool kids and bullies do to others?

No one wants to be seen calling themselves as an expert, but still some people want to be scene (sic) – and for example, end up with Twitter biographies like ‘social media enthusiast’ – but as soon as they land a real title, well then it’s okay of course.

No wonder the social media industry has a credibility problem.  The article articulates the way:

  1. We talk too much about the value of our time rather than putting it to good use.
  2. We cannibalize our own.
  3. We’re intolerant of missteps.
  4. We talk about conversation, but we focus a great deal on the tools. And, on ourselves.

Next time some one calls out someone else for being an expert: look at their intentions – fear of looking stupid or wanting to place themselves above others.

Play nice.

I began writing this when an article Daniel Moisyeyev in GWP Media Business magazine came out.

Facebook Places launches in Australia

Facebook Places in Australia

Facebook Places has now launched in Australia

Well there we go. My first check-in on Facebook Places in Australia. ¬†The new location based service offered up from Facebook. I’m really¬†interested¬†to hear your questions – so ask away. ¬†So what do you need to know? Continue reading

Wednesday Wondering: Q&A session

Questions for social media

Social Media – frequency asked questions

Every Wednesday I’m going to ask my social networks about their key digita, strategy and social media questions. ¬†Not limited, but I’m sure that’ll be the focus. Feel free to ask anytime.

@topgold -¬†I’d like to know how I can erase a digital footprint without scorching the digital earth

So I took this to mean about cleaning up a reputation without needing to go to extreme lengths? It’s a hard one – we only usually notice our ‘digital foot print’ via search. ¬†It’s my belief that if it’s a¬†misconception¬†or you want to respond to something – then respond directly to the article AND respond via your blog or friends blog – this gives you the best chance to present a balanced case to the audience.

If not: there are always legal pathways, and just negotiating the situation with the author.

@phoebe_netto – Which businesses belong on Facebook and which should steer clear?

Businesses who can clearly articulate that it has an affect on their objectives. Also , any business that has clearly identified that they’re customers use Facebook to discuss, interact or inquire about the brand, industry or product.

Steer clear? The businesses who don’t have the resources, a clear return on investment or customers who don’t wish to integrate with them.

And more importantly – businesses who do not offer a point of passion, expertise or value!

@JoannaLord – I get asked all the time “when do I know when to give up on a social strategy, or reallocate my resource elsewhere?”

Social media strategies should be strategies – and flexible with resource allocation. ¬†I’d give up if during the market research, needs anlaysis and SWOT analysis stage are indicating a low or negative ROI.

While the results may not be ‘quick’ compared to other forms of media- there should be still key performance indicators in place. ¬†If you’re strategist knows what they are doing – these will be¬†indicative¬†of performance .

@talbsinoz – how will Facebook credits challenge Paypal etc as gateway & clearing house for ecommerce (I’ve 2 balls and neither are crystal!)

PayPal has the infrastructure, and to a degree, the trust. While Facebook has the friends, and your time.  I think Facebook, as it becomes more integrated will become a simple way of paying.  If eBay or an Amazon adopt Facebook as a currency system Рthey could start shifting some real dollars.

I think PayPal and Facebook should play nice – for the¬†customer’s¬†sake!

@CoreyDilley – do tweets about your cat and sandwich actually add a 3rd dimension that helps acquire qualified follows instead of spammers?

Yeah it does Рshows you have a work life balance.  People who are all about work forget what is really important in life Рliving.

@SuccessionPlus – Would love to hear thoughts on how best to engage or not new social media ( foursquare ?) as opposed to tried and true forums

With consideration, reserve and faith Рbe reasonable and sensible in investments (monetary, time, resources etcetera) Рand have a good success metric !

FourSquare: be a thought leader and introduce your customers to it, ask them to sign in and share your office brand with the world. Pretty straight forward.