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The truth about infographics

My rant for this week: Infrographics - I'm defining this one. Definition of an infographic An infographic is a visual representation of¬†quantitative¬†set of numbers. ¬†Infographics should represent the scale and representation of these numbers in a visual way. ¬†Numbers may be absoloute, percentage based, or on a time continuum. Word…

Tautology: 2-way dialogue

STFU The phrase "2-way dialogue" is a tautology, is it not?  Notice the prefix of the word "di-" as oppose to say "monologue". And as a colleague pointed out: "just like when people say 'reverse backwards'". dialogue: a conversation between two persons #myrantforthismonth 2507

Goodbye FourSquare

Checking out It's with great regret I must inform you that I'm done with FourSquare for the time being. Sure, we had fun: but the badges are won and I've owned some decent mayorships.   What are your thoughts? Why I'm checking out: 2502

Australian Facebook statistics – October 2010

12 Australia social media statistics The guys at Hitwise have released 12 things you need to know about Facebook (Australia) - which is a round up of 12 interesting and useful Australian social media statistics. Fire up your PowerPoint and Keynotes and get your slide-jockey on. Here are my favourites.…

So you want a community manager, huh?

What does a community manager do? Gavin picked up an old post of mine with some great questions. Gavin: ¬†Jye and all, ¬†I picked this post up through my today and was intrigued to discover what these ‚ÄėCommunity Managers‚Äô actually do and what the communities they manage are. ¬†I‚Äôm…

Who are the social media experts?

In what is no more than a coincidence of timing - Friday's coffee mornings had Fridley and I discussing the upcoming Digital Citizen's event So You Think You're A Social Media Expert? - and my rant on how suddenly it's popular to slam on people who work in the industry…

Facebook Places launches in Australia

Facebook Places has now launched in Australia Well there we go. My first check-in on Facebook Places in Australia.  The new location based service offered up from Facebook. I'm really interested to hear your questions - so ask away.  So what do you need to know? 2437

Wednesday Wondering: Q&A session

Social Media - frequency asked questions Every Wednesday I'm going to ask my social networks about their key digita, strategy and social media questions. ¬†Not limited, but I'm sure that'll be the focus. Feel free to ask anytime. @topgold -¬†I'd like to know how I can erase a digital footprint…