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Keep Talking:

So after numerous tests, lots of time-outs I finally set up my account.  Still in it’s early beta, it got many of us excited about the idea of finalising centralising the way we publish our micro-updates to the big web world.

The number of serviced accounts are limited, but targeted.  For me, it was an integration of brightkite, Facebook, LinkedIn, MySpace, and Twitter. Very quickly I realised that although this would be a quick click away from updating all my services at once, I became very concerned about 2 very important things.

Audience: Anyone who reads these rants will understand how particular I am about audience.  And no, it’s not about appropriate for work and non-work friends.  It’s about the particular networks (inside those macros) that are interested in what I’m interested in.

My LinkedIn contacts might not be too concerned with the fact that I’m telling my Facebook friends that I’m enjoying some new music or fixing the stereo in my car.

One Way Conversation:  Great. I can tell everyone what I’m doing, thinking or ranting about it in one click.  I won’t have to open those windows. But wait – what if I want to know what they’re doing? Then chances are I’d need to be on-site or on-platform anyway, or aggregating it (slowly) through some other medium.  I may as well pay them the mind with a relevant update.

The internet and more to the point, social media,  should be a two-way conversation.  I want to talk to the right audiences about the things relevant to them, and I want to be able to listen to those I’m interested in.  If I want to ask a question (as one often does with Twitter) then I’d be far better asking the right people.

In conclusion, I think might be right for some, it’s certainly customisable, but I don’t believe this application will rule them all, nor do I believe it’ll be one that will.  It’s certainly a step forward though in the way we integrate our lifestreams.

Keep talking.

Facebook Applications

On July 30, I made a note (read: prophecy) that Facebook will ultimately suffer because of the inundation of meaningless, impractical applications swamping users with tricky invitations.

The numbers are now in, and it seems that this is now becoming a reality.  The media is noticing to ZDNet Australia this week highlighted the privacy issues (Facebook on the decline as ‘virus’ apps take hold) and iTWire are asking “Facebook on the down and out thanks to applications?

Maybe my original title “Facebook Will Fail” might have been a bit strong, but statistics are clear:

The decline at Facebook is substantial: he cites figures showing that between January and April 2008, the number of posts fell by 51 percent, signups by 29 percent, and highly active users – surely the lifeblood of any social network – by 47 percent.

“The proportion of totally banal applications seems to be on the increase and there are fewer and fewer applications that my network, as an example, is finding to be sticky,” he says.


Facebook needs to remain user centric, and by allowing every developer and his barkless dog to create impractical, uninteresting and unengaging applications for mass assault (any in some cases viral assault) then we’re really going to start seeing some declines.

MySpace took a hit. Facebook can (and probably will) too.

Flickr VS Facebook Photos

The Moon and the city lights

A colleague this week asked me about the importance/relevance of Flickr in today’s Facebook trodden wall. The answer is simple: Audience.

I could talk at length about the social intricacies but at the end of the day, I share my many and very ordinary photos of social gatherings (getting trashed) with my friends and family – and it’s the random comments made that are the most valueable.

And for those photos of mine I’d like critiqued and appreciated, I put them on Flickr because my audience there shares the same passion, that I do.

I believe this sort of sharing will continue to be a part of our online life for some time to come, and as the web evolves these will be come more and more defined. Hence, perhaps it’s not one ‘social media god’ we’re searching for.


The digital community is well aware that users are well and truly over filling out forms and signing up for another service. But please, for the sake of everything that is digital, put a sign in form on the front page.

We bothered to sign up, so why make it harder by making the sign in button not only on another page, but hard to find!

Facebook Friend Sorting

Facebook just announced today a more granular way to sort your friends. On the surface it seems like it could be a good move. Although it does highlight again the fact that there’s a lot of adding friends for the sake of it. And of course, people feeling rude if they say no :)

At present, I’m continuing to occasionally cull my friends, that is, if I don’t to hear about your day, then I’ll simply de-friend you. There are so many mixed opinions and feelings about which way to go, but only time will tell.

Check out your new “Limited Profile” friend list

The same restrictions apply to the people on this list as before. You can add people to your Limited Profile friend list from this page or when you add a friend.

You can create additional friend lists and use them to control who can see your photos, profile info, and more.

Check out the new Privacy page for more information.


A great way to keep your social network and or community alive in kicking is by sending them a reminder. Over at, the system automatically sends you a polite reminder if you haven’t made a post on your ‘BodySpace’ in more than 2 weeks.

It’s a great system for keeping their content fresh, and their members active. I imagine also it give the adminstrators a great idea of how active their members are, and who they most active members are – as well as the most popular topics and times to post.

It give you a direct link to the site and blog post panel. So simple, and so effective.

BodyBlog – jye, Where Are You?

Hello jye!

It’s been two weeks since you last updated your blog (jye’s BodyBlog) on’s BodyBlogs. Since then, you’ve had many people check it out, waiting for updates. Hopefully you can log-in and add a new entry right away!

It would be great to hear about your latest progress!

Dr Whisky

A great example of how passions of the real world and the resonance of the internet come together.

It’s time a paid homage to one of my favourite blogs: Dr. Whisky who each post gives a great insight into whiskies from around the world. Recently he made post #200 – and summarised a recent tasting of a 1970 Johnnie Walker Black Label.

Whether you’re looking for your next obscure, rare and ancient whiskey, or aquiring a sharper taste of your first dram, it’s an excellent resource for nose and tasting notes.

Learn from the best, and then drink the rest.
-Jye Smith

I Seek Me on ICQ

Getting back onto ICQ was going to be such a non-event I’m only starting this now. I’ll get to why later.

After ringing a long time friend, Clarkey, who still had an active ICQ account, I quickly found my long lost ICQ Number which at 8 digits, holds some prestige (although I was quickly put in place, by new friends with even older account including a 6 digit).

Download the 2001b version (heard terrible reports about the new version) from Old Version. Again, no problems, installed quickly ran like a dream. C

Great. Sorted. UIN and Password. Fuck. Now I need my old password. What password was I using when I was 15? After failing to remember at all. It was onto the retrieval. Tried all my previous email accounts. Nothing.

Double checked my account in the people directory. Yep – I’m still there. OK, need another avenue.

According to my profile ID (again, spied through the glass of Clarkey’s ICQ list) the website I was working on at the time was Ex Industria. This quickly told me I was using the program later in life than I thought.

The site isn’t up. It’s been down and the URL doesn’t respond. But I know there must be contact details on that site.

Of course. Web Archive. Don’t fail me now. Success. Seems it was much later. Here we go. Let’s see if it accepts this address. Fingers Crossed. (Just made sure I still had access. Yay).

Fuck. Nothing. Not a god damn thing*

Options? Might need to contact ICQ. I’ll try again soon

*Aliens Quote

MySpace Bulletins

If any of you still float around MySpace (and by float, I mean lurk) still after moving your name to FB, you’ll notice that some kids still have a very, very heavy bulletin post rate – these are the people who would be ideal to use something like Twitter.

There’s 2 girlfriends of mine in particular who continually bulletin, and MySpace’s clunky ‘click-here-to-see-anything-at-all’ interface is a big barrier for me to bother to read beyond the title.

As a little experiment, I’ve suggested Twitter to both of them – although I can already predict their response – “None of my friends use, so they won’t see it.” It’d be very interesting to know how many Followers you’d need to satisfy that.

For me? It was just 4. 4 of my close friends who share an interest in the interwebs and media, in all it shapes.  This has grown well into 50+ people I follow, and about 75+ who follow me.  I still use my MySpace through services like and for some photo sharing.

Idea? Twitter groups.


Thursday was the second “Sydney Twitter Underground Brigade” Twitter meet up. Big thanks to Happener for putting on the drinks and nibbles. Was great to see the Twoddle* offline, and tweeting** with real speech, emotive gestures and LOLs you could hear.

Great night. My favourite part was the name tag, and it was soon realised that your username was more important than your real name.

*Twoddle: Collective name for group who use Twitter
**Tweet: singular item posted on Twitter

The video interviews of the night by Scott-Bradley Pearce has been released today. Hope to see you twits at number three.

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