Social Media

Facebook isn’t sexy

Seems I'm not the only one who doesn't like the new Facebook design. I've already shared my views.  Would like to hear yours.  I wonder if Facebook does?

Is Twitter worthwhile?

[16:44] p_berkel: you think its worthwhile signing up? [16:45] jyesmith: I do. But I talk a lot, and more importantly, I like listening. [16:46] p_berkel: well listening is where you learn the most [16:46] jyesmith: like sharing ideas That about sums that up.  @jyesmith

Inspiring community and content in social media

If you want your community to generate more dynamic and interesting content - then help them.  There's no point in simply building the platform and expecting them to do it 24/7. have a simple and effective way of doing this - it'd be great to see more social media marketers…

Holding social networking profiles to ransom

This is a headline I never thought I'd see:  "..hacker holds rapper Soulja Boy's MySpace account ransom.." Soulja Boy has always been held in high regard by many for the way he embraced social media and used it as a great platform to launch his career.  Not only that -…

Social Pictures: Social Graphics from David Amarno

A fabulous set of graphics exploring ways of thinking, social media, networks and processes.  Echoing BMF's point: if you use them, remember to credit David Amarno. A great supplement to me recent post Social Media & Visualisation - which is still my highest rating post to date - and tracks…

Making LinkedIn Groups Functional

Finally, it appears something is being done about LinkedIn and its appalling group system.  Previously, you could create groups.  And that's about it. To get people in is completely manual, and they need to be approved manually. Anyone who has dealt with them will understand. 484

When Bloggers Strike Back and Human Behaviour

Writers, ranters, influencers.. engaging with the audience. It seems there are lots of shiny new words going around about us bloggers at the moment - even 'blog people', which I imagine to be short, small orange fellows living in the mountains of cyber space.  Think oompaloompas. Previously, we've seen the bloggers…

iPhone letting down video blogging

On Saturday I started video blogging - but my shiny new iPhone is letting me down because I can't do video blogs out and about when I have the urge to do it. Devices and technology should allow us to fulfill these urges.  Not hinder them. Update: If anyone would… 12 second jye

Seven days ago I finally decided to jump onto video, and over the past week I've already started to collect my thoughts about why I think it's good for everyone. I decided on over YouTube. What's so special about another video platform? Nothing. But it's the way it has…