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An open letter to Optus

“Optus has a clear, single-minded focus on delivering a superior customer experience.”
- Paul O’Sullivan, Chief Executive

I’m really not so sure.  And I think the answer I received will surprise you, especially in the times the company is in.  Here’s my letter to Optus.

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By the numbers

The last month has been a big one – with not only my birthday passing last week, but also the launch of the brand new Weber Shandwick website.  Early days yet, but also marked around 14 months for me with the agency.

So, it’ll be back to business as usual this month and back to the renewal of the interviews (which started this blog) with the world’s brightest minds.

19th most influential Australian-based marketing blog

Very happy to be ranked at number 19 in the latest Edelman’s influential marketing blogs study.  And a big congrats to everyone else who made the list including Gavin, JC, and Aden who’s Digital Buzz Blog took out top spot.

18th of August: social media 101

Next month I’ve been confirmed to present at Social Media Marketing for Small Business which is being organised by the Pop Up project.  If you’re a small business, grab a ticket.

28th of June: Publishers Australia

Last month I was also given the opportunity to present for Publishers Australia in the ultimate, no-holds-barred, Digital VS Print. By the count of hands, it was an even split. My argument in brief: digital will always win because of reach, access and utility.

Squiz Cards

My first sets of Squiz Cards

Personal branding and profiling is becoming increasingly important online: but we should never neglect the business card and the real room network.

My Squiz Cards have just arrived! At $19.95 for 50 – you can’t beat these tiny, key-ring cards!  Highly recommend them for freelancers or slashies like myself who have a few different gigs.  High quality, simple, and to the point.

I’ve ordered a couple of sets for presents, and the card above is for a big night out.

Digital Hustler and freelance below ;)

Squiz Card - Side 1

Relevant and Engaging Advertising

Relevant and Engaging Advertising

A lesson to learn

If there’s one lesson to learn from the adult industry:

At least on porn sites the advertising is always relevant and engaging.

Diesel: Be Stupid

Smart has the plans, stupid has the stories

I’m not usually one to comment or pay much notice to advertising campaigns, but the new Diesel “Be Stupid” campaign really caught my eye. Essentially, the outcome/action is a collection of 30 something images (mainly provocative) that you can share on Facebook with your friends, the one above, and the tag line below were my favs.

Smart listens to the head, stupid listens to the heart

The way they’ve done the images, focusing on the ‘creativity of stupid’ maybe, I believe creates little mini stories, which is cool. Even today, I think imagery is often looked. It can be so powerful given some thought.

But what I think I really like is by sharing these photos users get to share that story as express themselves, even just for fun – it’s not all emo crap ;)

My only issue is around finding where those images are, it’s not exactly right in front of you sort of thing. And why isn’t this video in a YouTube format so I can share it again? Anyway, check it out.

Update: The Inspiration Room have also done a critique.

3 Lessons In Gen Y

A framework for youth marketing

Recently I was asked to present at AIMIA’s latest digital media event: Getting Inside Gen Y.  Along with Julian Cole, Emily Copeland and Dan Pankraz, I was in the best of company as we discussed our experiences in marketing to our own generation.

  • Julian: the man to make sense of the world demonstrated the effective way of breaking down market segments
  • Emily: one of the most comprehensive and well backed presentations I’ve seen – all great insights
  • Dan: such a massive amount of experience was awe inspiring as he took us on a remarkable journey

Inside I’ve make reference to Zaana Howard, who wrote one of the best posts here around Social Media and Leadership – and I think it really resonated well with people in the audience.  Gavin Heaton also featured with solid reference to his PLAY Framework.  Gavin has inspired me to do so much and I really think is a leader and veteran in this space.

3 Lessons in Gen Y is just the beginning of some bigger youth marketing things I’ve been working through, and I continually come back to the importance of context, derived from what I believe to be two of the most powerful online tools we have: Search & Social Media.

Without context, it’s hard to know value, and difficult to convey story.  And with out these: you’re just somebody’s mother telling Gen Y what to do.

The internet is not replacing advertising but shattering it

What the fuck have you done?

An unwanted message

The internet is not replacing advertising but shattering it, and all the king’s horses, all the king’s men, and all the creative talent of Madison Avenue cannot put it together again.

Eric Clemons on why advertising is failing on the internet

via mUmbrella

Update: for an alternate view check out: For Your Sunday Bullshit Reading: Search Ads Are “Misdirection” Advertising

I am the push that makes you move

I am the push that makes you move (Slipknot - Surfacing)

I am the push that makes you move. Slipknot – Surfacing.

This little phrase has been with me for 10 years this year, and I constantly come back to it, time and time again.  I use it for not only personal motivation but perhaps more importantly, putting into perspective just what makes other people move. What makes them feel – what makes them break the apathy.

Mark & Gavin recently posted a couple of great articles this week that I really believe will help a lot of people unlock more about themselves.

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TED: Seth Godin – The ideas that spread win

I don’t like Tuesdays, but this made it better – big thanks to Gorden. The cows sound like banner ads.  An oldie but a goodie.

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Thank God you’re a man


I like clever things, especially when their advertisements that several of my friends have passed to several of theirs.  I’ve always been impressed by male (I can’t speak for female) bathroom advertising placement.

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