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Number 99 – Top 150 Social Media Marketing Blogs

Top social media blogs spin like tops

Top social media blogs around the world

It’s always nice to be recognised for what you do – it often leads to motivation and doing more. Was very chuffed today to be nominated at number 99 in the top 150 social media marketing blogs.

Social media – however you define it – has definitely changed the way we think about things. And change is good.

Thanks to all for reading about my digital hustling.

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Changing Servers Tonight – Apologise for Any Down Time

Hi everyone,

I’m very flattered and humbled to say that due to the increase in regular traffic I will be changing servers tonight and hope to minimise any down time during this period.

If you have any inquiries during this time please email: xxxjye (at) gmail (dot) com

Make sure you check out my blog roll to read other great material (also taking submissions to my blog roll now too!)


August 08: Site Developments, Thank You

to write, muse, dream, strategise, and scream about social media and the online digital industry

If you’ve been following my blog for the past few weeks, you would have noticed a lot of change, not only in style, but in functionality. So I thought I’d take a minute to look back at what has been discussed and what is to come.

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I’m currently redesigning my personal blog.  It’ll now be hosted through WordPress and will feature much more than ever before.