A Digital Perspective: Jonathan Kelly, Mktg Mgr, PayPal


I met JK while doing some social media work for PayPal – a really down to earth guy with a wealth of experience. What I really respect JK for is his attitude to life and work – something we all can take a piece from.  He’ll join the others in my digital perspective series.

What’s your day job? And how long you been in the marketing biz?

Alliance and Vertical Marketing Manager for PayPal Australia  -10 years

What do you do when you’re not on the clock?

I like to golf and recently had a little girl so she keeps me plenty busy when I get home.

Biggest lesson learned so far?

Personal – Nothing is more precious than family.  Business – Always due your due diligence and involve the right people in your projects

Favourite memory of your career?

All the fantastic people I have worked with through out my career

One message for other marketers out there?

Understand finance and business operations as well as your core marketing concepts. Always be up to date read the paper or go online and read at the beginning and end of each day.

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