A Digital Perspective: Alex Fisher

Some advice for Young Professionals

YPBLOGS has just reached 200 blogs.  Every blog participating on the site was manually added and today I’m talking to Alex Fisher – who has managed to talk to all the bloggers at least once, and is keen to meet and talk with more.

When did YPBLOGS start?

YPBLOGS started November 2008.

What inspired you to start YPBLOGS?

A combination of things inspired me to create YPBLOGS.com.  I had been running an organization for Young Professionals called Young Professional Connection, had been blogging for a few years, and had seen a couple other sites that were playing around with aggregating blogs.  In reality, though, everything was floating around in my head and I actually woke up one morning with an idea for a site called YPBLOGS.  I was determined to execute the idea and by that night I had programmed a working prototype.  A week later I launched.  A month later I had 50 blogs contributing to the site.  We’re now heading past 200 sites and 11,000 articles!

Your dvice to young professionals out there getting started?

Be persistent, work hard, and focus on being creative.  All three of those traits are super important towards creating a productive career in something that really interests you.

What’s been your biggest achievement to date?

My first thought was being invited to be interviewed on the NBC TODAY show in NYC for a wearable computer I built.  In reality, though, my biggest achievement really is making the transition to starting and running a successful business from the ground up earlier this year after having worked in numerous other companies the past 10-15 years.

So what does the future hold for you?

I’m growing my Digital Media & Technology Consulting firm, Commercial Progression (http://www.commercialprogression.com), into a national consultancy.  We have clients in 3 U.S. states so far.

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